Hi, my name is Mihailo Kotarac and I am the founder of MINIMAL YOGA®. Berlin’s first international school of yoga. Beside MINIMAL YOGA® I am also passionate about communication as the basic unit of human social life. Questions determine the directions of my life, for I am always searching for answers. In this searching process it is important to be competent, focused and deliberate. To be relaxed is also one of the keys. As well as friendly and helpfull as essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. I founded MINIMAL YOGA® during my search for answers. With conventional yoga I couldn’t satisfy my need for movement and inner peace. Accordingly I developed a method that retains eastern traditions and structures them new from western perspectives based on: first research, then try, then know. My daily life is well structured. In the morning I research and write about yoga and meditation. In the afternoon I work for Kolo e.V. and bring elderly people pleasure of movement back to life. Evenings I teach MINIMAL YOGA® and Meditation. Thus I practice different types of yoga on a daily basis.

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