Marica P. - MINIMAL YOGA CYPRUSMy name is Marica Papalouka and  I am MINIMAL YOGA teacher and licence owner based in Larnaca, Cyprus. As a trained physiotherapist I specialized for sports massages. I also used to professionally play volleyball for more than 12 years. Mihailo K. – the founder of MINIMAL YOGA – invited me to take part in this great project and after his expose I immediately said yes. We know each other for more than 25 years. Together with other teachers we constantly update the basics of MINIMAL YOGA.

My first contact with yoga happened very early since my father was a certified meditation teacher and practitioner. Living with him meant practicing meditation, ayurveda and yoga, whether I liked it or not :). Eventhough it was not always fun, yoga became a very important part of my life.

The first physical class with emphasis on asana practice happened when I moved to Cyprus. I instantly felt in love. This class changed my perspective on yoga as well as corresponding goals and led me to yoga teacher training. Immediately after training I established a professional yoga teacher career. My motivation was and still is very simple: spread the practice to as much people as possible.

I teach private classes and group classes at The Yoga Pilates Studio, also in Larnaca.